Prijslijst olieverfschilderijen

Prijslijst: Project roodborst


1.       Reflection                                               25x30cm                 49.—euro


2. Fly go ahead                                             30x30cm                  149.--euro

 3.       Black and white or not                   30x30cm               49.—euro

 4.       In the box                                              30x30cm              69.—euro

 5.       Butterfly robin                                     30x30cm              verkocht

 6.       Robin XL                                                     30x40cm             199.--euro

 7.       Restless                                                         30x40cm             verkocht

 8.       One clothespin                                         30x40cm              verkocht

 9.       Apple three heart                                     30x40cm              verkocht

 10.   Wooden heart                                             30x40cm                 49.—euro

 11.   Zinc watering can part 1                          40x50cm              300.—euro

 12.   Zinc watering can part 2                         40x50cm              300.—euro

 13.   Peekaboo                                                         40x60cm                175.—euro

 14.   Robin art nouveau                                      40x60cm                149.—euro

 15.   Apple tree in the winter                            40x60cm               149.—euro

 16.   Multi color robin                                          40x60cm               verkocht

 17.   Skyline robin                                                  40x60cm                verkocht

 18.   Home sweet home                                      50x60cm                verkocht

 19.   Iron heart                                                         50x60cm              149.—euro

 20.   Three clothespins                                        50x60cm                verkocht

 21.   Fog in the country                                        30x80cm              199.—euro

 22.   Two clothespins                                           30x80cm              verkocht

 23.   Fly away                                                            30x80cm              199.—euro

 24.   Toorop&Dietschz meets Vervat           30x80cm              350.—euro

 25.   Skyline Almere robin                                 40x60cm              225.—euro

 26.   Splashing robin                                            60x60cm              350.—euro

 27.   Robin meets picasso                                  60x60cm              350.—euro

 28.   Robin orientale                                            40x60cm                 49.—euro

 29.   Robin walk on                                              18x24cm                  25.—euro

 30.   Robin on a cherry blossum                  30x80cm                199.—euro

 31.   Robin in Kopenhagen                             30x80cm                 verkocht

 32.   Robin on a sisal rope                              60x60cm                225.—euro

 33.   Robin…the eye                                            40x50cn                   ntk

 34.   Robin…a cup of tea                                  18x24cm                 129.—euro

 35.   Robin nature                                              18x24cm                  verkocht

 36.   Robin and the boxwood garden      30x60cm                269.—euro

 37.   Robin…I’m with you                             50x50cm                 249.—euro

 38.   Robin and the fox                                  50x50cm                  ntk

 39.   Robin…afternoon wine                       30x30cm                  149.--euro         

 40.   Robin…brickwall                                   50x50cm                 199.—euro

 41.   Robin hidden in the rose screen    50x50cm                199.—euro

 42.   Robin…naturel love you                   20x20cm                  69.—euro

 43.   Robin corolfull…love you                 20x20cm                    ntk

 44.   Robin Rembrandt style                   20x20cm                  verkocht

 45.   Robin…on top of the world            18x24cm                 69.—euro

 46.   Portrait of a reading woman        40x60cm              prijs in overleg

47.Robin Hckney style                                40x60cm

48.Robin garden ornament                      40x60cm

49.Robin on a trunk                                      40x60cm

50.Robin modern                                              18x24cm

51.Robin a lot of                                              50x50cm




Project Robin less is more


1.        Robin…big shadow                          50x50cm                      

 2.     Robin…in the corner                      20x20cm                  ntk

 3.       Robin…dandelion                            40x60cm             verkocht

 4.       Robin…pencildrawing one                                         35.—euro

 5.       Robin…pencildrawing two                                         35.—euro

 6.       Robin…pencildrawing three                                      35.—euro

 7.       Robin…pencildrawing four                                         45.—euro

 8.       Robin…pencildrawing five                                          45.—euro

9.      Robin willow catkins                       50x50cm

10..  Robin...curly Suus                             30x30cm

11.     Robin on a rock                                   30x30cm

12.   Robin together                                     30x30cm

13.   Robin number one                             25x27cm




 Project giant robin


  1.  Giant robin     Suus                                          120x60cm          540.-- euro
  2. Giant robin      What are you looking at  60x80 cm           420,--euro
  3. Giant robin      Up the tree                             120x60 cm         540,-- euro
  4. Giant robin      Morning dawn                      60x80 cm         420.-- euro
  5. Giant robin      Forgot-me-not                    120x60 cm         540.-- euro
  6. Giant robin      Winter walk                             60x80 cm        420.-- euro
  7. Giant robin      Cross road                                60x80 cm        420.-- euro
  8. Giant robin       locked                                       120x60 cm        540.--euro
  9. Giant robin      Friesland                                  120x60 cm        w.i.p.


Project Seagull                


1.       Seagull in love                                  50x50cm                175.—euro

 2.       Seagull in the storm                       60x60cm              225.—euro

 3.       Seagull sisters                                  40x60cm                175.—euro

 4.       Seagull lonely                                   50x50cm                199.—euro

 5.       Seagull brothers                             50x50cm                199.—euro (4.&5.samen 360.—euro)

 6.       Seagull…me and my shadow     40x50cm              225.—euro

 7.       Seagull in   the city                         60x60cm                225.—euro




Project Amsterdam/ Aan het eind van de weg


1. Amsterdam the seven bridges            30x80cm              325.—euro

 2. Blue Monday in the park                        40x60cm             225.—euro

 3. Blue Monday at the canal                      30x80cm              350.—euro

 4.  Cows in the forest                                   40x60cm               325.—euro

 5. Closed in the heart Westertoren        40x50cm             325.—euro

 6. Bikes on the bridge                                   40x60cm             289.—euro

 7. Summerday in Amsterdam                   40x60cm             289.--euro